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Successful ship support demands a Technical Support team who:

  • Balance requirements - design, in-service date, operation and maintenance.
  • Cover all ship systems - including naval architecture, marine engineering, platform systems, combat and communications systems.
  • Take lifecycle responsibility from prototype to in-service support and obsolescence.
  • Integrate all activities from installation design through production engineering to setting to work and trials.
  • Have modern engineering tools integrated with fleet wide standard systems.

Today the team is an essential element of all of FSL’s ship support activities including repair, reactivation, upgrade, equipment support and maintenance. It is also plays a leading role in the pioneering Surface Ships Design Support Alliance (SS-DSA).

Overall, FSL’s Technical Support teams objective is to provide an end to end service, from installation concept to installed performance, test, trials and in service support. Customers get better solutions in service faster and cheaper.

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