Our Aim

We aim to be the very best combination of Defence and Commercial Logistics in the UK Defence Industry.

To achieve this we have 6 main goals:

  1. Partner - to be the partner of choice for the MoD
  2. Customer focus - to deliver a service to the customer's requirements
  3. Profitability - to keep Parent companies happy
  4. Efficient & Responsive - to continuously improve our service
  5. Growth - to attract new customers both locally and nationally
  6. People - to work hard as a team and to build on their skills and use them to their full potential

MT Operations

FSL will be providing comprehensive Logistic support within and outside the Naval Base. Our prime role will be in the movement of material and personnel within the local area.

Services that are provided by MT Operations:

Passenger Service - this ranges from staff cars to 54 seat coaches.

Freight Services - this ranges from transit vans to 38 ton units

Hail and Ride - Naval Base bus service, which operates at peak, times every 20 minutes and every 40 minutes for the rest of the day.

Transprint - Local taxi service within the Naval Base

Organisational Chart of Logistics Division before Transition
Warehouse Manager's Organisation

The Warehouse Organisation within the HM Naval Base at Portsmouth was renamed the Central Storage and Distribution Facility (CSDF) following a Defence Cost Study during the early Nineties. It involved a 6 year construction programme of the 'One Roof' concept, and includes the Specialist Warehouse and the Portsmouth Freight Centre. Housed in Specialist Warehouses are items such as Timber, Metals, Chemicals, Gases, Flammables, and Radioactive Stores. Within the 'One Roof' are stored the full range of Sea Equipment Naval Stores.

The 'One Roof' concept was a £30m major works investment, embracing two General Purpose Stores (GPS), Centralised Packing Facility and the Portsmouth Freight Centre. All buildings are linked by a covered Mono-Rail, providing 10 acres of covered Warehousing and Distribution comprising 72000m³ of potential storage capacity, contained within 10 in total, 4 hour rated Fire Compartments.

The GPS's currently offer 42,000, NATO m³, maximum 1 Tonne pallet storage positions and on 2.4m long slave pallet positions capable of storing items up to a maximum of 2 tonnes at 12 meters high on 2.4m long slave pallets. The jewel in the crown however, is the fully automated Small Parts Facility housing 55,000 trays containing up to 400,000 locations and giving a 6.500m³ storage capacity.

Approximately 80% of the Surface Fleet's non-explosive stores requirement is met from Portsmouth, and 80% of that is met from the 'One Roof'. Current core activity equates to approximately 700,000 transactions per annum, with stock issued world wide through the Freight Centre to places such as the Falklands, Middle East, Belize and Afghanistan.

The Warehouse Organisation also maintains the stock account and its integrity, to ensure the maximum availability of stock to the customer, which is delivered to meet all laid down P.I.s. All activities are carried out with 234 Warehouse and Administrative staff.

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